NSA High Heat Thermobest Gloves Style G64TCVBGC14

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High Heat Thermobest Gloves      

The G64TCVBGC14 style glove is made from 22 oz. Thermobest and is a very popular glove. The entire glove is lined with 12 oz wool and has a 19 oz Goldenbest cuff and a winged thumb.

Thermobest is a Kevlar® blend, offering good heat, cut, puncture and abrasion resistance meeting the following standards and providing the associated protection.

ASTM F1790-97
ANSI/ISEA 105-2011

Heat Resistance = Level 4 (500° F)
Cut Resistance = Level 5 (5366 Grams)
Puncture Resistance = Level 4 (104 Newtons)
Abrasion Resistance = Level 4 (3719 Cycles)

The applications that the Thermobest Glove with Goldenbest Cuff is very popular for are:
Heat Exposure
Steel Mill
Furnace Maintenance
Industrial Applications
Recycling Plants
Glass Plants and Manufacturing


14" Winged Thumb Thermobest Glove with Goldenbest Cuff


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