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Walls Coveralls  

Walls Industries brand name coveralls are provided for you our customers in a few different styles for your choice. There is the deluxe style made in both a 100% cotton material and a 55% cotton 45% polyester blend the poly cotton relaxed fit, and the heavy weight 10 oz weight cotton coveralls along with the cotton duck material. For those cold weather tasks that need to be down Walls insulated coveralls are the garment of choice to keep you warm.

When ordering the deluxe style you will pay a couple dollars more for this style but you will get a design that includes zippered chest pockets that help keep tools and such from falling out. The deluxe style is also available in numeric sizing which allows for you to choose a more exact size then coverall styles that are made in alpha sizing (Small, Medium, Large). This is because the alpha sizing actually goes up every second size such as 40, 44, 48 instead of 40, 42, 44, 46 ,48.

The deluxe coveralls are constructed in the colors navy blue, red, khaki, gray and orange in the 100% cotton and red, gray and navy blue in the cotton poly blend. There is also the 100% cotton Walls coveralls made in a heavy weight 10 oz fabric in the traditional Herringbone color.

For those wanting a little less costly cotton polyester blend style there is the long sleeve relaxed fit coverall which is only provided in the color navy blue. There is also the short sleeve poplin style that is priced quite good. The poplin material is a very light material made for hot weather conditions and comes in navy blue, red, gray and khaki. The short sleeve coveralls are also called a jumpsuit as they do fit a lot closer to the body as they are made to be worn in warm weather conditions and therefore are not intended for a person to wear much clothes underneath the garment.

For those tough work conditions where a rugged coverall style is required Walls Industries makes the unlined cotton duck shell style. The cotton duck material is a canvas type fabric that is a little stiffer then the 100% cotton shell and is manufactured in the brown duck color which is a light brown kind of tan shade. This stiffer feel feature helps ensure that the coverall will be a lot more durable when it comes to working on some jobs that deal with objects that may tear up the material quite easily.

As for those situations that require some help with high visibility Walls has introduced a 100% cotton style coverall with silver reflective tape on both the arms and the legs. This style only comes in the color navy blue but this ensures that there is always plenty of inventory in stock so that we can get your order on it's way to you in a timely matter.

With all these choices made available for you we are sure you will find the garment suitable for your specific requirement in a brand name you can rely on in this assortment of style options of Walls coveralls.