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    Walls Industries Blizzard Pruf insulated coveralls are one of the high quality product lines of insulated coveralls that Walls provides for it's customers. Each product line is focused on providing a variety of solutions and the protection you require at a cost that fits the budget for the job task that the insulated work coveralls are to be required for.   
    Following are the three styles of Walls insulated Blizzard Pruf line of insulated coveralls and a short introductory description to give you a bit of an idea of what that particular style has to offer you in your cold weather protection garment choice.

    Please click on either the image or link text to be taken to that particular Blizzard Pruf insulated coverall style that you are interested in.


Insulated Coverall
Double Fill Duck
Insulated Coverall
Super Snow Suit

Heavy weight insulated coverall
with ankle to waist zipper and
padded knees.

Double fill heavy insulation
with water resistance outer layer.
Ankle to waist zipper and padded knees.

Nylon shell with water resistant
coating. Heavy weight insulation.
Adjustable waist belt.



    The main difference between these three styles is that the twill insulated has a good heavy weight insulation but does not have the water resistance outer shell like the other two styles. Of course the twill insulated comes with the lowest price tag starting at $61.90. The next step up being the double fill duck which provides a double fill weave that provides a much stronger fabric construction. There is also the added benefit of the brown duck water resistant outer shell. The outer canvas like shell is also much more abrasive resistant but the starting price on the double fill duck insulated coveralls is $72.90.
    The third in line is the super snow suit which has the 200 denier nylon exterior that provides very good water resistant qualities. This garment has the same heavy duty fiber fill insulation but is made for playing in the snow as the name implies. The Walls brand snow suit also has extended knitted wrist cuffs, micro fleece collar and elastic stirrups at the leg bottoms with a starting price of $79.90.





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