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    The following information is provided as a guideline for cleaning the NOMEX fabric weather it be shirts, pants coveralls or jackets. Cleaning Nomex fabric should be achieved in 140F or less temperature using a buffered, non ionic detergent. By using higher temperatures will not damage the fabric quality only lead to color fading. This usually what happens with industrial laundering and creates more wear on a garment than home laundering as the launderers tend to over dry the garments in cleaning Nomex fabric processes.
     Nomex apparel can be both laundered and dry cleaned without any adverse damage to the fiber. Regular washing and drying is usually sufficient except when the garments have been subject to excessive amounts of oil and grease. It is suggested to launder Nomex clothing by themselves or with the same type of fabric so as not to have any flammable substances attach themselves to the garments such as link. You should also not use fabric softener as the elements of this additive is flammable. Dry cleaning procedures are designed to remove oil and grease very efficiently from the nomex fabric. The only stipulation is that the apparel must be completely dried to remove all solvents used in the process.
    The one product that can damage the flame resistant properties when cleaning Nomex fabric is chlorine bleach. This is one substance that should never be used in the cleaning process.
    As far as shrinkage goes the Nomex fabric will shrink very little much like the polyester/cotton blend material. In cleaning the Nomex fabric the drying times are very fast as Nomex does not retain moisture very good.



    Following is a bulletin that is put out by Red Kap Industries that goes into more detail then what I have already outlined above.


RED KAP INDUSTRIES Technical Information Bulletin RK-63


Nomex Flame Resistant Garments Recommendations for Care and Maintenance

Red Kap aramid flame resistant garments are made from DuPont Nomex fiber. Nomex fiber is heat resistant and permanently flame resistant. Nomex IIIA incorporates an anti-static fiber which reduces nuisance static. In static-sensitive environments, proper grounding procedures must be observed.

The garments can be laundered at temperatures up to 140F with good colorfastness. Processing in hotter formulas may be required to remove soils. It should be noted that even under the best laundering conditions, color retention is generally not as good as industrial polyester/cotton blends. These garments can also be dry cleaned in perchloroethylene or petroleum solvent with no adverse affect on the flame resistant properties.

Important considerations are temperature control in washing and drying and removing flammable soils or chemicals that can overwhelm or mask the FR properties.


HOME WASH DRY CLEANING Red Kap does not recommend the use of non-FR embroidery or emblem attachment to Nomex garments. Product modifications may void certification to NFPA 1975.

The information in this bulletin is based on the results of testing in our laboratory and information from the fiber and fabric vendors. It is provided for your guidance and knowledge. While it represents up to date information regarding care and maintenance of Nomex flame resistant garments, no warranty is expressed or implied.









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