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Choosing from various designs of mechanic coveralls can be an interesting and often complicated task if you are not sure what you are looking for. There are so many types of protective apparel and equipment today that finding what you need is generally a lot easier than you could imagine. Mechanic coveralls are very beneficial in providing protection that covers the entire body in a one piece suit.

    There are so many brands of safety coveralls available you will be able to find better protection designed specifically for your body shape. Coveralls are made from a 100% cotton, 100% cotton duck material and a poly/cotton blend fabric type. The 100% cotton material is good for welding operations and the cotton duck is a very durable fabric. The one drawback of the cotton duck is that it is somewhat stiffer as it is a canvas type material. This stiffness will soften up some after a few washings but this characteristic also makes the coverall style very durable. The poly/cotton blend is also quite abrasive resistant and has the added feature of having a much softer feel then the cotton duck.

    There are so many types and styles of mechanic coveralls designed with either zipper front, button front or snap front closures to choose from.  Because you deserve the best coveralls for your particular work environment we are sure that you will find what you are looking for in our line of mechanic coveralls.
    Therefore I would like to suggest the mechanic coveralls manufactured by Walls Industries, Red Kap Apparel or Berne Apparel which have the coverall design style that you require.