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Coveralls are part of the relationship between the worker and who they represent. Businesses that implement a coverall uniform program form a company identity that is looked upon as a clean, organized outfit to do business with.

This image reflects in the minds of the employees wearing the coveralls and creates a form of loyalty to the company and a sense of professionalism due to the brand identification the coveralls produce. Employees also do not have to provide their own work wear as they will wear coveralls every day.

While a coverall uniform program has many company internal benefits a program for employee supplied coveralls also produces a sense of security in the eye of the customer. Companies that work on customers sites will be identified by the coveralls they are wearing. This helps reduce theft and fraud by being able to identify who is working at a certain location at any given time.

Divisions within a company can be created by issuing different colour coveralls for each department. This helps identify who belongs where and helps cut down on unapproved inter department visiting between employees.

Supplying customers with the appropriate style coverall program is what we at Safety Protection Warehouse do best. We have many contacts in the coverall supply industry enabling us to locate the exact style, fit and colour requested for our customers coverall requirements.

Please feel free to contact us for any special coverall supply requirements your company requires.

Phone: 1-888-440-4668

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