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Mens Insulated Coveralls




    Mens Insulated Coveralls have been provided by Walls Industries in both a blended twill and 100% cotton duck for your choice of fabric styles. Walls has provided this style for those men who prefer protection from the cold but do not require the garments for exposure for extreme cold. However there has been some changes in the design of the coverall styles that Walls will be manufacturing in the future as there has been insulated coverall designs provided that have been near identical and the decision has been made to eliminate some styles.

    The Walls Value Insulated Coveralls styles 2480BW (brown duck), 2487NA (navy blue) and the 2486BF (black forest) are being discontinued for the above reason. The Zero Zone Classic insulated coveralls and the  Zero Zone Waist Zip insulated coveralls will still be provided in the medium weight Zero Zone series of insulated coveralls.

    The main difference between the Walls Value Insulated Coverall styles is that the Value Insulated had a side leg zipper that only went up to the knee. The Classic insulated and the Waist Zip styles have a side leg zipper that goes up the side of the leg from the leg bottoms to just below the front pocket.

    Now I know that a lot of my customers still want the coverall design style with the knee length zipper which goes from the knee to the leg bottoms. The choice of this length of zipper seems to be for the reason that it is long enough to get the coveralls on over boots yet is not so long up the leg that the zipper catches on objects.

    Therefore I would like to suggest the mens insulated coveralls manufactured by Berne Apparel which do have the coverall design style with the knee length zipper. Berne Apparel makes a similar style coverall in that it is available in the medium weight insulation and is made in both the softer feeling poly/cotton twill fabric and also the tougher 100% cotton duck material which Walls Industries did provide.

  Note: If you would like to discuss the options available for your specific choice of insulated coverall please  phone 1-888-440-4668 and ask for Terry.                                                            



    When choosing work wear to protect you from the cold weather the Walls Zero Zone Classic Insulated Coveralls affords what we believe is a very good quality product for the applicable work environment. There are many other choices of Walls insulated coveralls both on this web site and can be viewed on the main Walls web site. Please note that the pricing on the Walls main web site for mens insulated coveralls is quite expensive as Walls does prefer you to purchase through the lower priced distributors such as ourselves.

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